Meet Amanda Lim, Mass Communication grad from the School of Film & Media Studies (FMS). 

Amanda interned as a designer at m:idea, a media group in FMS. She was the chief designer behind HYPE, the bi-annual entertainment magazine that got industry designers, editors and hipsters talking. Amanda also worked on several projects such as a creative campaign for Wing Tai’s F3 Lite and the popular m:idea Youth Choice Awards.

Amanda, who attained a distinction grade during her internship and will be starting school soon at NTU pursuing a degree in Art, Design & Media, shares her (designer-esque) thoughts on her internship and more importantly, her portfolio!

Learning is a never ending phenomenon. Internship at m:idea was enriching and educating. Those few months helped to build my portfolio and give me a glimpse of how the creative industry works. Captivating the audience with critical thinking and witty captions that (usually) hold the slightest relevance, but the strongest impressions, is worth the A+ you’re working for. 

Befriending Adobe software was important. What wasn’t listed in the subtext was the mandatory humility and patience needed when tasked to rethink your designs. Sometimes, there is no fixed formula to understand constructive criticism from clients but going back to the drawing board does give you another opportunity to better them. And damn, I did (I hope)!

I’m grateful for the education NP has provided me.  It has helped shape my view on art and I can’t wait to begin my term in ADM!

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